Hello! I am JT. I am a part time forex trader and investor.

I started trading forex in 2010 after my initial exposure to CFD, where I explore further and decided to venture out to build my experience in forex. As I believe in education and that it will shorten my learning curve, thus I went around to attend different forex training courses provided, and read a couple of forex books. I am constantly learning, attempting to contextualise what I learned and blend them to my way of trading, ultimately, I want to maintain a stable way to trade, which will allow me to be consistent and profitable, and get out of 9 to 5 routine job role. My trading style consist of a combination of intraday & swing trading, with focus on risk management. I also use a blend of auto & manual trading method, where I use trendline, trend channel, moving average, chart patterns, price action, support & resistance, & supply & demand concept.

“Mastery of single strategy that handle all scenarios – Focus and Deliberate Practices coupled with adaptability is the way to succeed in Forex” – JT

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