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Week of 31 Aug – Risk Events

Risk Events that is of concern to me:

1 Sep – Tue: Impact of AUD pairs @ 1230H Cash Rate & RBA Rate Statement

3 Sep – Thu: Impact of EUR pairs @ 1945H Minimum Bid Rate, @ 2030H ECB Press Conference; USD pairs @ 2030H Trade Balance & Unemployment Claims

4 Sep – Fri: Impact on most pairs @ entire day G20 Meetings; USD pairs @ 2010H FOMC Member Lacker Speaks, @ 2030H Non-Farm Employment Change & Unemployment Rate; CAD pairs @ 2030H Employment Change & Unemployment Rate, @ 2200H Ivey PMI; Most pairs @ 1700H G20 meetings

5 Sep – Sat: Impact most pairs @ whole day G20 meetings

Intention: Avoid trading AUD pairs before 1 Sep @ 1230H. Avoid trading from Thu afternoon onwards



Week of 24 Aug – Risk Events

Risk events that is of concern to me:

25  Aug – Tue: Impact on USD pairs @ 0355H FOMC Member Lockhart Speaks

26 Aug – Wed: Impact on CAD pairs @ 1225H Gov Council Member Schembri Speaks; AUD pairs @ 0930H RBA Gov Stevens Speaks; USD pairs @ 2200H FOMC Member Dudley Speaks

27 Aug – Thu: Impact on USD pairs @ 2030H Unemployment Claims

28 to 29 Aug – Fri to Sat: Impact of all pairs @ whole day (Fri & Sat) Jackson Hole Symposium; Impact on GBP @ 1025H (Sat) BOE Gov Carney Speaks

Intention: Unwind floating loss position, thereafter reduce risk. No trades to be carried out from Thu onwards.

Week of 17 Aug – Risk Events

Risk events that is of concern to me:

18 Aug – Tue: Impact on AUD pairs @ 0930H Monetary Policy Meeting Minutes

20 Aug – Thu: Impact on USD pairs @ 0200H FOMC Meeting Minutes & @ 2030H Unemployment Claims; Impact on JPY pairs @ 0200H tentatively Monetary Policy Statement & @ 1400H BOJ Press Conference

Intention: Reduce or maintain no risk position.

10 to 15 Aug – Risk Events

10 Aug – Impact USD pairs: @1915H FOMC Member Fischer Speaks; @2100H FOMC Member Lockhart Speaks

11 Aug – Impact USD pairs: @ 0025H FOMC Member Lockhart Speaks

12 Aug – Impact JPY pairs: @ 0750H Monetary Policy Meeting Minutes; Impact AUD pairs: @ 1800H RBA Deputy Gov Lowe Speaks

13 Aug – Impact AUD pairs: @ 1015H RBA Assist Gov Kent Speaks; Impact EUR pairs: @ 1930H ECB Monetary Policy Meeting Accounts

Concern with qualitative information from speeches.